How Ruby Came to Be Part 1: The Beginning

Ever since I was of driving age, I have dreamed about owning an SUV.

I blame it on horses. (Sorry horses, but it’s your fault.)

As most young girls do, I had a love of equines. (Shocker!)

Every toy I had was either a horse or somehow related to them; and every gift I received seemed to have a horse plastered on it. (Although, just because I like horses, doesn’t mean I like this ugly item with a horse on it people…) This affection for them eventually led to me having one of my very own.

Since I lived in the suburbs, my horse was kept elsewhere. (When my 9 year old neighbor was informed that we had bought a horse he immediately ran to the backyard to see it, and was quite disappointed.)

With a horse away from home, this meant hauling my gear around quite a bit. Especially during show season when all of my “show gear” needed to be moved, as these items could not be stored within our small space at the barn.

Unfortunately, the trunk of a car is not a great place to pack a saddle. Mostly because it doesn’t really fit. I mean, you can make it fit, (and I did) but that’s not necessarily ideal. Especially when a scratch could mean the end of that saddle’s show career.

Enter: Dad’s 2003 Silverado.

This bad boy was my Dad’s daily driver, our weekend warrior, and my horse show abode. Eventually, it became more cost effective to have our own trailer rather than pay my trainer to haul my horse to events, and our very own 3-horse bumper pull with a tack room was introduced. The Silverado pulled it with ease, and as I sat inside my 1999 Buick Regal staring at his truck, I was jealous.

I was jealous because I drove that truck and trailer, and I knew first hand, just how awesome it was. (I felt so big!) But driving that truck alone? Not so much.

It was a 4 door extended cabbed monstrosity. 

Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love this truck (Which my dad still has to this day, although it is no longer a daily driver. Seven miles to the gallon isn’t really cost effective…) But trying to park that beast in a parking lot?

No way.

That sucker was so long it just barely fit in parking spots, even when you pulled the front wheels up to the curb. Plus, his has a topper on it, which meant visibility out the back was non existent. (Ok, it existed, but barely!) I could use the side mirrors for backing up, but in a parking lot they’re quite useless. (I basically just slowly reversed and hoped that no one screamed.) To avoid potentially crushing people, I parked in the back of the lot, and pulled through a spot so I could leave moving forwards, thus eliminating the need to back up altogether.

I didn’t find this fun.

I had no desire to have a large truck as a daily driver. Besides, I felt like this conveyed a “country girl” appearance which I would not, and do not, consider myself to be. (Please note that I have nothing against this look, it just simply isn’t the look for me.)

So what’s a girl to do?

She has a trailer and needs to move large things, but a pickup truck is simply “too-big” and the bed space was generally unnecessary.

Enter: the SUV.

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