Why You Should Live a More Unicorn Filled Life.

I have an affinity for Unicorns. (Shocker, I know.) Thankfully it is not nearly as much as the character “Kate” from the movie Dodgeball. (Where my Dodgeball fans at?!) Now, I want to clarify that the name of this blog did not stem from the idea of being an actual unicorn. (I like being a human, thank you.) But there are concepts and ideas that surround the word “unicorn” that I feel relate to my message.

For example, a Unicorn is a mythical creature (or so we’ve been told), that holds much magic and beauty. And even in story lines where they exist, they are generally rare creatures to come by. There are plenty of people in our world that want to believe unicorns are real (because they are) but there are many others who are dead set that unicorns are simply an imaginative creation of the human mind. They believe:

“Yeah yeah, that’s all fine and good to be in stories, but that’s where unicorns end, in stories.”

I took this concept of people’s relationships towards unicorns, and applied the idea to my own life.

I have started making changes recently after discovering a world that I never knew existed. The world of financial freedom. Now, I don’t really have a financial plan of my own, but working a job I feel ‘meh’ about until I’m 67 to retire and then die, is not how I want to live my life. (Yes I know that’s a bit extreme and not really how it goes, but I’m trying to make a point!). So I have starting searching for other options.

What surprised me in this search, was how I have never heard of the many things I was learning about. Where was this is school? Why didn’t my parents tell me about this? How come more people aren’t doing this? And as I talked to people about it, I received faces of confused disbelief in return. It was as if I had just told them I saw a unicorn in my backyard.

Why is this lifestyle so rare? Why do I come across people who tell me “I can’t” or “only privileged people can do that” or “you need to make a shit ton of money, or you will never have enough?”.

Well, I’ve come to refer to these individuals as “non-believers”. They don’t believe I could stop working before I’m 67, that I could travel on a whim, or that I could do something I greatly enjoy while still making money. (These people also probably don’t believe in unicorns.)

There are plenty of people who have done exactly those things, though. They make money doing what they love, even when they have no need to work. They already have enough money to retire at 40, 35, and even early 20s. I know there’s a herd of lifestyle unicorns out there, (yep, I just said “herd”) and I am determined to join their ranks!

Along with this financial freedom concept, I find so many people who go through their every day life in such ordinary ways. Make the ordinary extraordinary people!

Why do we all sit quietly on our phones not speaking to one another? Why do so many people think that “travel is hard”? Why do I speak to a large number of individuals who have no passion in what they are doing, complain to me about their lives, yet make absolutely no action to change it?


If you are complaining about something you can’t change, vent and move on. If you are always complaining to me about the job/city/friend/spouse/financial status then gosh darn it do something about it!

I am shocked at the number of people who are surprised by the things I say and do. I think that guy is cute? I approach for his number. I want to off-road with the boys? I buy my own vehicle. I want vibrantly colored hair? I find a kick ass stylist.

People treat me like a unicorn (and yes, it’s partially because of the hair).

People think what I do is ‘out there’ or ‘impressive’ or many other things (which I must admit, is a bit flattering!). But what I do shouldn’t be these crazy outlandish ideas.

Anyone can live with more gusto. Anyone can create happiness in the ordinary. Anyone can change their current situation. You just have to do something.

Be a unicorn.

It’s not as hard as you think.

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