How Ruby Came to Be Part 3: The Neighbor That Changed Everything

I have nothing against a Chevy Impala but…. As I said in part one, I have always wanted an SUV. But a budget of 10k buys you an ‘07 Impala LTZ, or a run down probably-needs-as-many-repairs-as-my-Buick SUV. I know, I know, if I had searched for a deal long enough I likely could have found... Continue Reading →

Why You Should Live a More Unicorn Filled Life.

I have an affinity for Unicorns. (Shocker, I know.) Thankfully it is not nearly as much as the character “Kate” from the movie Dodgeball. (Where my Dodgeball fans at?!) Now, I want to clarify that the name of this blog did not stem from the idea of being an actual unicorn. (I like being a... Continue Reading →

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